Thursday, October 16, 2008

KalaAnantarupah Dance School - Services

“KalaAnantarupah” Classes are conducted for the following:-
1. Bharatanatyam
2. Folk Dance
3. Contemporary Dance
4. Free Style Dance
5. Theatre workshop
6. Dance Therapy
We also undertake the following:
v Dance Consultancy
v training for special children
v Choreography for School/Corporate/private shows
v we give SPECIAL TRAINING assisting you/your kids in performing for media programs

· For professional dancers (both Indian and Foreign) training is available in items comprising intricate, variegated and brisk jathis. the services are as follows.
One Thillana
One Javali
One Devaranama
One Ashtapadi
One Sloka or Choornike or alaripu
One Patriotic or Semi-Classical or National Integration or Environmental Thematic Item ( 5-7 minutes)
One Padavarnam
One Navarasa
One Dashavatara
One hour ballet (mythological, historical or contemporary) classical or free styles including scripts, music, dance movements, costume designing, direction, recording, etc.
One hour ballet on the subject mentioned above - only dance choreography
For composing one contemporary dance or fusion or folk dance of less than 10 minuted duration
For composing and teaching the above

Lectures cum demonstrations can be presented at any institutions/cultural programmes on subjects mentioned below:
· Educative value and scientific benefits of classical dance education
· Culture and fine arts
· Indian performing arts
· Natyashastra
· Abhinayadarpana
· Bharathanatyam
· Chaturvidha Abhinaya
· Hasthaviniyogas
· Adavu Lakshanam
· Navarasas and Nayaka-Nayika Bhavas with special reference Ashta NayakaBhavas
· How to improve Abhinaya techniques
· Intensive Abhinaya course
· Choreography and contemporary techniques
  • Synergising the techniques of music, dance, rhythm, script and stagecraft

· Theoretical aspects as enunciated in Abhinayadarpana will be taught with practical sessions. A month long intensive course will be conducted which will include practical training in various hand gestures, its usages, movements of head, neck, eyes and leg and its usage. This cost is $ 1000 for a maximum of 10 students.
· Natya shastra has four times as much theory as Abhinayadarpana. This is a three month intensive theory and practical training. Students can have training in this session either at one stretch of three months or in different modules over a period depending on their convenience.
· Solo Bharatanatyam performance will be given with studio-recorded music ranging from half an hour to two hours in various languages on different themes. The performer will be accompanied by a manager. Organisers must arrange transport, decent boarding and lodging, incidental charges during journey for the artiste and her managers (two persons). In addition to this, publicity for the programme, stage arrangements with a good deck to play music should be arranged

Our Address for Communication:-
Mr. Thiyagarajakumar
No 7/12,6th Main, Hanumanthappa Layout
RT Nagar Post, Sultanpalya,Bangalore-560 032, Karnataka, India.
Mobile - 98860 65752

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