Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kalaanantarupah art center presents "KalaAvatar-2010" certified workshop-The Key of Your Creativity- Art & Craft Workshop for kids and adults in bangalore { 25/12/2009 to 03/01/2010 } - 10DAYS 10PRODUCTS - please reach us immd for registration -9886065752 /90352 33602 kalaanantarupah@gmail.com

kalaanantarupah art center presents "KalaAvatar-2010" certified 
workshop-The Key of Your Creativity- Art & Craft 
Workshop for kids and adults in bangalore 
{ 25/12/2009 to 03/01/2010 } - 10DAYS 10PRODUCTS 
- please reach us immd for registration -9886065752 
/90352 33602 kalaanantarupah@gmail.com

Teaching your Children’s about art is a good idea—here's why:
  • It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain.
  • Art helps your children to understand other subjects much more clearly—from math and science, to language arts and geography.
  • Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation.
  • Participating in art activities helps children to gain the tools necessary for understanding human experience, adapting to and respecting others' ways of working and thinking, developing creative problem-solving skills, and communicating thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.
So, where do you begin? Start by remembering that teaching children about art is not just about showing them how to recognize a van Gogh or Picasso, it's about preparing young minds for a future of invaluable experiences—art related or otherwise.

Group {Up to 7yrs}

·         Thumbs  Painting
·         Finger Painting
·         Block Painting
·         Wall Hanging
·         Waste Paper Craft
·         Deer Painting
·         Spray Painting
·         Greeting Card Making
·         Hand Bag Making
·         File Cover Making

II Group {Above 8Yrs}

·         Wall Hanging
·         Fabric Painting
·         Glass Painting
·         Pot Painting
·         Block Painting
·         Tarma Cool Painting
·         Waste Paper Craft
·         T-Shirt Painting*
·         Canvas Painting
·         Doll Making

All Materials provided by us. 
 *  A Plain Yellow T-Shirt, the students have to bring.

                                         This is just a brief about the KalaAnantarupah Art Center’s KalaAvatar-2010 Workshop. After doing this workshop program children will be immediately supercharged on their road to success.


Pl reach us immd for further details/registration:-
98860 65752 / 90352 33602

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