Tuesday, December 1, 2009

KalaAnantarupah Art Center Presents-KalaAvatar-2010-Bollywood Dreams Workshop for kids { 25/12/2009 to 31/12/2009}

Avatar-2010-Bollywood Dreams Workshop for kids { 25/12/2009 to 31/12/2009}

Bollywood Dreams Workshop

Bollywood dance workshops are also perfect for social and public events such as exhibitions, corporate events, cultural days and group gatherings. Infact a KalaAnantarupah Art Center’s KalaAvatar-2010 workshop is the perfect activity to get your audience to interact, take part in your event and take home a memory and a new interest!

Workshop is carried out by a trained Bollywood Dance professional who will work on the creativity of Bollywood dance, bringing in technique based activities.

The Main focuses for workshops are:

·         Background to Bollywood
·         Learning a dance routine
·         Using Story telling as a part of dance
·         Using hand gestures and foot movements.

KalaAnantarupah Art Center workshops are a fun way to introduce Indian Dance to Students whilst fitting in with the National Curriculum.

Workshops are carried out in 2hrs session for 7days.

Here’s what a workshop Student Church Park Convent in Chennai Said

“I learnt that when you’re doing a particular dance you have different expressions. In this one it was passion and attitude. I enjoyed it because I got to express myself with dance.
-          Trisha Krishnan-Age 10

If you like to register pl reach us immd:-
98860 65752 / 90352 33602

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