Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance feels fine !

Dance Feels Fine !
     A step in time can heal pains. Here are benefits of dance therapy. 

For years and across cultures, dance has been a medium to convey stories and a kaleidoscope of emotions. Today, these gracious movements are also being employed to heal because of their therapeutic effects. Called as Dance Movement Therapy, various dance forms are being employed to heal anxiety, and even joint pain and disorders like dyslexia. Dance is great to enhance and increase concentration levels and what more, is even helping people fight Parkinson’s disease. 

Dance movement therapy involves group sessions, and all kinds of dance forms — Indian classical, modern and contemporary — are helping people from all age groups for various things. Hear Mitali Mohan, who recently met with an accident. As part of her physiotherapy, she was advised to join a contemporary dance therapy session. “Dancing makes you forget your worries for that little while. As the performance needs the application of both your mind and body, you go into a state of trance.” 

Agrees , a Kathak teacher. “Dance helps achieve the highest level in meditation while it may seem like play.” What more, she says it’s a great way to work out too. 

Any kind of a dance one is comfortable with can be used for dance therapy. a contemporary dance instructor, says, “There are certain patterns in contemporary dance which helps increase concentration and can help hyperactive and dyslexic children as well.” 

Ronda Chako, who’s been detected with Parkinson’s, is happy with the results of dance therapy, “In Parkinson’s you lose your confidence as it impairs even your simplest functioning. With dance therapy, many like me can at least carry on with our daily chores,” she says. Ronda’s movements may still be slow, yet very sure. 

“The Indian classical dance forms are also known to help attain balance and right posture. It’s a good way of therapy. We do recommend it to our patients, if we think it’s what they need,” says Dr Satyasheel Naik, a well known orthopedic. Agrees Dr Sunil Kore, an orthopedic too, “Any kind of continuous movement is good for the body. Usually patients have it all in their head about being ill. Dance therapy helps boost their spirit as well.” 

“The way one taps their feet, is also a kind of acupressure therapy,” informs and adds, “It gives one great stamina. If you’ve noticed, dancers always look younger than their age.” So, come and dance for a reason. 

Thanks to  Mallika Mulherkar, Times of India

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