Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

Thiyagarajakumar is the CEO/Founder Of KalaAnantarupah Media Labs,a global multi domain IT/Media Company headquartered in Bangalore,India and Branches in Singapore,USA.  It is  a 100%  multi-tier provider of Information technology/Media with a customer centric approach to provide affortable solutions for organizations seeking web designing companies in India for offshore outsourcing, web design and development outsourcing, print design, multimedia presentation,Internet –Social Media Marketing,Pay per click marketing,search engine optimization,Conversion Rate Optimization,Online PR,Content Development,Online Reputation Management,App Development and Customer Relationship Management.

Our Clientele includes MNC’s, small and; Medium enterprises, NGO’s & development sector organizations. We serve industries, such as education, healthcare, hospitality/ leisure, manufacturing, professional/consumer services, real estate, retail, and technology etc. We have partnered with a variety of organizations including NGO’s and; Charitable and commercial organizations and others. Government organization included Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Textile Goods Export Promotion Council of India and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Why KalaAnantarupah Media Labs?
Approach towards work at KalaAnantarupah Media labs has always been focused on customer and market communication centric, aimed at providing unique and innovative solutions keeping in mind your target consumer/audience. As a small company we are flexible and work in partnership with out client to build a long lasting relationship.The Company works with companies of all sizes to develop online strategy that will keep them in touch with customers. Our quality policy underlines a commitment to evolve and maintain an environment through constant review and through understanding of the underlying process to meet customer’s expressed and implicit requirements in a timely manner.

What We Do?
Advertising and a public relations can be effective tools when used properly, but they are, by definition, one-way communications, Social media, on the other hand, is defined by the ability of both side to talk. When used properly, it enables companies to engage in a conversation with their customers in a meaningful, managable way.But too few do.We help to navigate this emerging, evolving space, whether you’re looking to put your toe in the water, or dive in headfirst.

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs is a new breed of company that specializes in helping corporations use social media tools, sites and applications to connect with customers and prospects. What brought us together was a fundamental belief that social media, while maturing nicely for individual use,is in its infancy for corporate use and brand building. Millions of dollars spent on marketing; just pennies spent really communicating.

If you want to package the message up tightly, neatly, and with six coats of polish in the hope that your customers will continue to swallow it whole, then we’ re not the right folks for you.If, however, you’re ready to talk, really talk with your customers, we’ll help you find the right way to do it. Fun ways, strategic ways, operational ways... ways that improve the value of your brand, to empower brand evangelists, and help your company continue to grow, If that’s the kind of thing you’d like to be igniting, you’ve come to the right place.KalaAnantarupah Media Labs works with progressive companies across the World. We’re a team of professionals with experience in

                                             Public Relations
Print Media Management
Print Design Outsourcing
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Blog Development
WordPress Implementation
Pay per click Marketing
Viral Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Movie, Television and feature film Internet Marketing
Micro-site Web development
Marketing website development
Conversion Rate Optimization
Online PR
Content Development
Online Reputation Management
Web development and
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing Consultation and Strategy development

Now, under one roof, the formerly independent companies can fulfill your company’s Internet marketing needs from start to finish. Whether it is search marketing, social media, viral marketing, conversion rate optimization or application creation, KalaAnantarupah Media Labs can handle it all seamlessly and transparently in-house and with a single, cohesive team.

The game has changed, the tools have changed and the ways you can talk to your customers has changed. Are you ready ? If so, contact us. We work with brands that see the change we see and want help navigating it. We’ll assemble a core team from our creative’s our copywriters, our PR people, our web designers, our programmers, and our search engine experts to create a plan customized to meet your business objectives.


KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
Offices:- India,Singapore,USA.

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