Tuesday, October 12, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs-Clients Testimonials

"Awesome provider - hands down the best, most reliable link directory submission provider I've ever worked with. Provides daily updates and always, always, always beats the promised delivery date by a mile. I'm now working with Thiyagarajakumar on a continuous basis. A lot of providers could take a lesson from Thiyagarajakumar on how to be a true professional - because Thiyagarajakumar is exactly that - a true professional!!!!"
-    Search Engine Optimization - Link Building = John Bates (USA )

"We are very happy with Thiyagarajakumar's efficiency and have chosen to use him for many future projects.."
-    Search Engine Optimization - Social Bookmarking = Jonathan (UK)

"The Best N Excellent Great work have done n a excellent person to work with "
-    Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing & Web Design = Billy (Singapore)

"Wow! A really great worker, the project was perfectly executed and he was always willing to work on his own initiative. Supplied a full spreadsheet detailing all the work done and also delivered on time. I will definitely use him again."
-    Seo Services - Directory Submission = Morris (UK)

Years ago I used to hire SEO companies to help me with my sites, I had a hard time dealing with them because I never understood what they were doing, some of them were taking my money and I never heard back from them. I’ve met Thiyagarajakumar in 2009 in an affiliate Project management event, since then we started to work together on my sites, Thiyagarajakumar is a rock star in the SEO world, he helped me to save lots of money, thank you very much for all your help.
-    Peter McCarlton, Sales & Marketing Manager, USA.

We have been working with Thiyagarajakumar’s KalaAnantarupah Media Labs for about three months. He has been a wonderful resource for improving search engine rankings of our website.

We plan to continue to work with him on an ongoing basis because of his invaluable knowledge and commitment to helping us succeed.
-    RAZAHASAN,President & CEO,TS Corp,Singapore
Thiyagarajakumar  has done an excellent job in obtaining quick page first and second page listings. He has been very diligent and has not wasted my time. All messages have been returned right away and has gone out of his way in answering any questions. He is still working on SEO to further improve ranking. I would do business with him again.
-    Richard,President,Intl Resorts

Thiyagarajakumar’s KalaAnantarupah Media Labs has done great work for my site despite of having tough competition on specific keywords my website is ranked in top 10 searches. Thiyagarajakumar has provided excellent solution for us and due to his efforts my website has gained massive traffic and visitors. Particularly he helped me in winning targeted visitors for my site. His knowledge and skills has really helped us achieving desired goals.
-    Umar,CEO,International E-Publishing Company
"I searched for a company online to help us with SEO, and decided to pursue KalaAnantarupah since they appeared high on the search results. I figured that their top positioning in my search results proved they were practicing and implementing their competencies.
"Our one hour consultation call with Thiyagarajakumar was highly informative and led me to introduce KalaAnantarupah Media Labs to our advertising agency in order for them to collaborate in achieving top results. Both myself and the agency found them to be knowledgeable and very much trustworthy."
-  Henry, International Marine Interior & Exterior Design Company

"Turning over my Web marketing needs to KalaAnantarupah Media Labs is one of the best business decisions I have ever made."

-     Eckstedt, CEO, B.Letter

 “JS Ltd approached KalaAnantarupah in May 2010 to help increase our online visibility. Work began on a Search Engine Optimization project, which delivered positive results from day one. Seeing huge improvements in our search engine rankings has helped drive our organic site traffic.
KalaAnantarupah Media Labs’s knowledge of SEO has been invaluable, backed up with excellent support throughout the lifetime of this project.”
-     Jonathan Chapman, E-Commerce Manager, JS. Ltd.

"We have been overwhelmed by the success of both our Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click campaigns undertaken by Thiyagarajakumar’s KalaAnantarupah MediaLabs– we have seen huge increases in visitor numbers and excellent ROI. We find that KalaAnantarupah Media Labs have taken a real interest in our company, providing great support and advice along the way.
We look forward to achieving greater success with KalaAnantarupah Media Labs in the future."
-     Samantha, Marketing Manager, F Designs

"The KalaAnantarupah Media Labs provided SEO consultancy services to International travel Site during our website migration for our UK, US & Australian divisions. Their excellent support, advice and in-depth understanding of search engines enabled us to perform the migration in advance of our schedule and expectations."
-     Craig Hepburn, Global Webmaster, S Travels

"I have a customized gifts website  that has been online for some time. The traffic to the website was average and I urgently needed to optimize my website for the search engines. That's when I came across
KalaAnantarupah. They optimized my website for highly competitive keywords and within just a couple of months I was seeing fantastic results on the ranking pages. In fact, signing up with KalaAnantarupah Media Labs is one of the smartest things I did. Besides Search Engine Optimization, I can also access their other services like creative design, Media Marketing etc. which makes things really convenient for me. Thiyagarajakumar is young, pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable. He understands what needs to be done, will go the extra mile without hesitation. A great company to go with!"

Thank you
-    Rouslan Semenov,CEO & Founder, Gift Website,Singapore

“KalaAnantarupah has done a terrific job. They have an in-depth understanding of the SEO marketplace and, together, we have been able to significantly improve our ranking results."

Thank you
KalaAnantarupah Media Labs!
-    Blair Brewster

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