Thursday, November 18, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Consultants Project Management Training-Students Testimonials

“Mr. Thiyagarajakumar did a great job in the project management online training. It is really perfect and well structured. The training helps me in the Project Management exam preparation. I advise everyone to attend this great training course”.                          
- Sarhan

KalaAnantarupah Consultants 's online PM  online  training was the perfect solution of not having the time to attend class based trainings. I feel proud of having such a great expertise Thiyagarajakumar sir giving us quality training at an affordable price”.
- Nicol

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mr.Thiyagarajakumar and KConsultants team for the unique and high level professionalism in the Project Management world”.
- Abhirami

“I would like to thank Mr. Thiyagarajakumar for his great job, I tried to search the internet for related sites to Project Management trainings but I didn't find anything organized and comprehensive like his online training..Thanks a lot T.R.K”.
- Mahesh Ram

“Really I got a great experience when I did it, thanks for KalaAnantarupah Consultants and Thiyagarajakumar who became more than an instructor, T.R.K followed me up and force me to do the exam and take the PMP certification. I believe that everyone can do it, dependent on Thiyagarajakumar's material and additional questions and his final exam, which was very useful and a lot of exam's ideas were there. I wish you KalaAnantarupah Consultants to still the leader of PM world, and my deep greets to you T.R.K”.
- Ramanan
“Speechless to describe how happy I am now, thank you all for the extent support and follow up. Keenness on delivering the concept using all possible examples, support and extent follow up to the no limit made you at KalaAnantarupah Consultants the best in Project Management training. Thank you Thiyagarajakumar, Ramanan, Ragini and Suchi 
- Arunandal Ramesh  

“The training program met my objectives since it was conducted in a logical sequence and addressing the PM processes as they occur in reality, also it makes the PM guide reading more easily. It covers important information outside the guide and integrates them so well in the material. The instructor is well prepared, and by changing his tone of voice and repeating the important notes urges the attendee to pay more attention as if it was a class room course”.
- Ibrahim 

“The fact that the training course was so well-structured and informative gave me confidence that I would be learning what it takes to be a professional project manager and that I would have a very good chance of passing the Project Management exam from the fisrt time. Thiyagarajakumar's vast experience, combined with his first-rate instructional style and his modesty made me proud to be in his class. This, combined with the professionalism of KConsultants team and that of their projects consultant, Ms. Ragini, made a lasting impression on me that I hope to be able to reflect in my work”.
- Neha Rudrani
“I would like to express my thanks to each and every one of you for your support and guidance and world-class training. I have passed the Project Management exam. Please extend my thanks to Mr. Thiyagarajakumar.I kept hearing his voice in the exam while answering the questions, especially the "delegation" related ones. Really thanks. It seems I said thanks many times but I am too excited, still can’t believe that I managed to get it in less than three months and I was planning to consider it after three years from now..You really did an amazing job”.
- Arokya

Kconsultant’s online course was really helpful; it exceeded my expectations and provided me with the flexibility to do the training in my free time. I really liked the way that Mr. Thiyagarajakumar has presented the material, the professional real-time support from KConsultants’s team. So, a big thanks to Mr. Thiyagarajakumar and KConsultants, for this world-class training. I am recommending everyone to take this course to get the benefits that I have got”.
- Ramesh Gorah

“Actually, I highly appreciate the great honest efforts by KConsultants making such a valuable course available in South Asia. The opportunity of getting such valuable course according to one's pace should be seized by all interested in Project Management. The course can be aimed at getting Project management certificate or merely getting an invaluable up-to-date knowledge to add more value and expertise for those who are interested in this specific field of management, or management in general”.
- Amar bhaskar
“I am glad to inform you that I passed the Project Management exam. You have been the mentor who established the grounds of project management in my mindset, and the facilitator who paved the road and enabled this success. I'm proud of becoming a PMP and moreover of being taught on the hands of such an Expert like Thiyagarajakumar 
- Mohammed Ali

“My experience with the online training was very beneficial. The use of chapter exercise, sample templates, quizzes, and sample tests were very helpful in clarifying hazel areas in different processes. Thiyagarajakumar's real life experience was clearly reflected in the training through the use of real life examples and scenarios. The online training helped me greatly in passing the exam. I just want to thank you guys for making this certification a success story, thank you”.
- Karunakaran

“The most things I like in this training is the logical sequence by addressing the project management processes when they occur in reality. Also, changing the instructor's tone and repeating some important notes more than once urges the listener to pay more attention, and that made me as if I am taking the course in a class room. Really, I do believe that the online training level is so high and can compete with the international ones”.
- Lavanya Pradha
“Actually, this training has made a big leap for me in understanding the secret behind successful project managers. Not only does this training prepares you for the Project Management exam, but also puts you in the shoes of a real project manager”.
- Rafik

“I really liked the comprehensiveness of the online course, and the details of the information, plus the real life examples given by the instructor. In addition, the cooperation and responsiveness of the instructor to any email inquiry was superb, which makes this whole training a personalized experience to every online student. I want to extend my admiration to Thiyagarajakumar who succeeded to make the online training an excellent one. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to KConsultants and its team for providing this course”.
- Kamal Jayesh
“.Thiyagarajakumar's training rises to a world class level as it does not merely focused on getting the Project Management certification, but, it takes you further to become a better project manager, dare I say, even a better person”.
- Adwan

“The online PMP® training which I had from KConsultants was very good. As a matter of fact, I used to feel that I was in classroom training while I was sitting in front of my laptop at home doing the online training. Very convenient, practical, easy access and best of all, rich content and experience presented clearly by Thiyagarajakumar.... Thank you”.
- Ruba Jabber

“Really, whatever I will say will not be enough of your excellent course. It is so convenient and easy to use at any time. It made preparing for the Project Management exam easy and even fun”.

“This is an excellent training, clear, solid and user friendly material”.

Hi KalaAnantarupah Consultant Team,Thanks a ton for all the cooperation you providing during my journey towards Project Management Certification and the training. I thoroughly enjoyed the classas well the Project Management Preparation.I must mention that Thiyagarajakumar had related the concepts to so many real time scenarios, and this helped me relate to my daily activities as well.Thank you again for being a critical part of my success.
- Abhilash Nath

Awesome class! Lots of interaction and real-world providing immediate value
- Brenda

If you want instructor who’s got both the knowledge as well as the experience-Thiyagarajakumar is the man!! Thanks so much for the training support you gave. I believe that’s What helped me clear the exam.
 - Arun Thomas

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