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Kalaanantarupah Consultants & K Media Labs Presents Team Building Technic Program for Young Minds

Team Building Technics Program for Young Minds                                                              
   - Thiyagarajakumar  Ramaswamy BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PHD

Team building technics are an absolute necessity for young minds  as they grow up in life. These activities inculcate cooperation, communication, and teamwork in children. Try these games and Technics, and help your child become reconciling...

Often, in social functions, we see kids fighting over a piece of chocolate or a toy, or making noise and crying. To stop such petty quarrels and behavior, there is a need to bring these kids together, to do some constructive activity which will help them understand the positives of cooperation, patience and teamwork. Constructive activity can be in form of team games that are more often than not, fun. These activities bring kids together, to share, play and win, in a positive way. This also helps children to open up, forget their shyness, and improve their communication. Some of the teambuilding games and technics are as follows:

Follow The Leader

This is one of the funniest activities that kids enjoy. One young mind  is made the leader and all others are told to ape him. Whatever the leader does has to be copied by the others. It's a hilarious and fun filled activity.

Write Three Things

Tell each kid to write down three things about themselves - two of them true and the third a lie. When they have finished writing, ask each of them to read whatever they have written, one by one. Ask the other kids to guess what they think is true and what is a lie. This game enables the children to get to know one another better.

Concentration Game

Make kids form a circle and assign each of them a number. The child with number 1 will start the game by calling out his own number, and another number at random, like, 'One, Four.' Now, the kid with number 4 calls out his own number, and another number at random, like, 'Four, Nine.' Let a few rounds pass, then change the game by adding a new rule. Now, the kids should also clap twice in unison as the numbers are being called out. The game becomes challenging because while clapping, kids have to concentrate on the numbers as well. The aim is to see how many rounds the group can play without getting mixed up with the numbers.

All In Activity

This is another very effective activity that builds up creativity and cooperation among kids. Ropes of different lengths - five feet, ten feet, fifteen feet, and twenty feet, are required. Tie the ends of each rope forming a circle. Ask an entire group of kids to get inside the circle formed by the rope, without a single body part being outside the circle. Start the game with the twenty feet rope. Once they have achieved that successfully, ask them to get inside the circle formed by the fifteen foot long rope, and so on, until they get to the smallest circle. As the circles get smaller, it gets increasingly difficult for them to get inside, and they will need to get creative and cooperative to complete the task.

Tug Of War
This is the one of the oldest and classic team building exercises that requires strength as well as a creative mind. Only a rope is required for this activity. Divide the kids into two groups and have them stand in a line, one behind another, facing the opposite team. Mark the center of the rope, or tie a ribbon at the center, and give the ends of the rope to the two teams. Also mark a spot or line on the ground, which the two teams cannot cross. Now, ask the teams to pull on the rope. The team which crosses the center, or the line marked, loses the game. This activity requires kids to think and realize things, such as putting stronger people in the front and back, and weaker people in the middle, so that they can win.

These team activities give kids an opportunity to express themselves and open up to people. The most important thing that they learn is sharing - be it happiness, sadness, or fun. Working in a team will make them aware of things like cooperation and trust, and in a way, make them responsible human beings. They will learn not only how to contribute in a team, but, also how to appreciate each other's work.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Consultants-Emotional Intelligence Coaching by Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Emotional Intelligence Coaching
-Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy 

A focus on business benefits, a drive for delivering exceptional quality and unswerving commitment to providing a complete support solution for clients drives our Emotional Intelligence Coaching programmes.

This unique Emotional Intelligence Coaching programme is more transformation than transaction.  It delivers the opportunity to bring about worthwhile and meaningful long-term, sustainable improvements in personal and team effectiveness.

* Make a Speedy and smooth transition in to a new role with unfamiliar challenges 
and a new boss with his/her own style of management?

*  Develop a more open,honest and collaborative approach to communication 
within your team, with your subordinates or with your boss?

* Gear up for leading or managing during a turbulent economic climate 
or downsizing programme at your organization?

* Bring together a new team of leaders or managers who need to hit 
the ground running with an important project?

* Expand your leadership capability to face in to and overcome 
seemingly insurmountable challenges?

* Lead by example and develop high-trust relationships with 
colleagues and stakeholders?

* Get some candid, Independent feedback on your leadership
and management strengths and weakness from an expert
whose only interest is your personal growth and development?

* Develop more resilience during a challenging project 
or change programme?

* Develop more collaboration, joined-up thinking and 
problem-solving within your team?

* Deliver more value and improved results with fewer resources 
or during a downturn in business?

         Why Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

      Coaching is rapidly becoming the preferred learner route for existing and emerging leaders and high-potential managers.  The level of personal attention, highly-focused dialogue and deep level of collaboration between coach and client can deliver solutions to even the most challenging problem and, provide a structured, relevant and practical road-map to optimise personal and team effectiveness.   

     Within the confines of a clearly defined and agreed brief, no stone remains unturned in devising and implementing new learning, new actions, new standards and new levels of self-awareness and self-management.  Basically, we do whatever it takes to support you in achieving and surpassing your most important personal and business goals.

     When you undertake an KalaAnantarupah Consultants Emotional Intelligence Coaching programme, you become immersed in a completely new learning experience. It certainly isn’t lots of intellectual learning, some theory thrown in mixed with a bundle of psychobabble.

      It is though a deeply thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating, focused dialogue which develops new awareness, critical insights and increased motivation to actually apply your learning back in the workplace - and keep on applying it!

    You’ll create more awareness of where you are currently, where you want to be, where your key stakeholder/s want you to be, and then, the most appropriate route map is produced to get you to your desired destination more quickly, efficiently and effectively than you could on your own.

     Our Emotional Intelligence Coaching programmes aren’t ‘off-the-shelf’ coaching packages.  They are scientifically validated process, facilitated by acknowledged authorities in the field of emotional intelligence, leadership and management development.

       Our KalaAnantarupah Consultants Emotional Intelligence Training Expert

    Thiyagarajakumar BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D (Mime-Theatre),PH.D QREM in Leadership Education and Policy 
 Founder and Director of KalaAnantarupah Group.              
  ( Kalaanantarupah Media Labs- Kalaanantarupah News Channel- Kalaanantarupah Consultants- Kalaanantarupah  Home Improvement Consultants- K Art Center) 
Leadership Stage Trainer,Author,Mime-Theatre Artist,Actor,Speaker,Coach,Corporate Mime Theatre Specialist,Special Children Trainer, Story teller,Children Specialist,Choreographer,Teacher,Director,Producer and Expert Media Commentator

    Thiyagarajakumar’s professional career has been devoted to studying the acquisition of and application of high-performance leadership and management.  His 15-years of study and inquisitive mind resulted in him developing, refining and continuously updating a suite of highly effective leadership and management training and coaching interventions. 

    The overwhelming success that clients have achieved following their training and coaching with Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy have led to him being a highly sought after, best executive coach, advisor and top team facilitator. He has a special interest in developing emotionally intelligent leaders and managers and much of his work is focused educating executives, young leaders on how to maximize their personal and group emotional intelligence to enhance corporate effectiveness.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs and Kalaanantarupah consultants presents -Kalaanantarupah Performance-ETV Kannada Channel 10th year Celebration

KMedia Labs & K News Channel Presents Our Designers Presentation at Idea Worldwide

KMedia Labs & KNews Channel Presents KalaAnantarupah Performance @ Bangalore Film Music Awards -2010

KalaAnantarupah Art Center Students Best Performance-Bangalore Music Academy Talent Hunt Show

kalaanantarupah art center toddlers batch-craft session

KalaAnantarupah Improvement Consultants Pot Designing Training Kalaanantarupah Art Center Students

KalaAnantarupah Improvement Consultants Pot Designing Training Kalaanantarupah Art Center Toddlers Batch

KalaAnantarupah Group Presents Dance and Music Festival 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

K Home Improvement Consultants,Bangalore

     Property Services, Building, Refurbishment & Property Renovation Specialists

Every aspect of quality building, renovation & refurbishment is covered by K Home Improvement Consultants.
We offer a complete range of home improvement and property renovation services, all individually tailored to increase the value of your home and create your perfect living space.
Company Description:-
K Home Improvement Consultants is a company that specialises in property extensions ,renovation,refurbishment,kitchens,bathrooms and all aspects of insurance work.
With a team of fully qualified and experienced tradesmen,the company provides a professional reliable property renovation and full building service throughout the Bangalore.
Our K Home Improvement Consultants Director Mr.Thiyagarajakumar is a Certified Project Management Professional.
K Home Improvement Consultants-tradesmen has a varied range of satisfied customers located throughout the Bangalore.Projects include extensions,conservatories and windows,garage conversions,bathroom and kitchens, all aspects of building and landscaping.The Management team at K Home Improvement Consultants maintain a hands-on role in the running of the company.They have been involved in the home improvement market for many years and are very proud to confirm that the majority of the company's work arrives via recommendation (word of mouth) from satisfied clients.