Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KalaAnantarupah Consultants-Professional CV writing Services- Customers Testimonials

Our customers are so satisfied with the results of our services that they’ve taken the time to share their appreciation on our testimonials.

“I just wanted to touch base and say THANK YOU! I got my first callback today from the job I wanted!!”
- Andrson N., Calcutta

“WOW, great work on my resume. I never knew I could look so good!”
- John B., Singapore

 “I’m incredibly satisfied with the results of my
executive resume. I didn’t think that the simplistic answers I provided on the questionnaire could be transformed into something so professional.”
- Gretchen M., Woodinville, Washington

“You’ve done it again! Love the cover letter!”
- Gail R., Jamestown, North Carolina

“After a long struggle, I finally buckled in and had Kconsultants Professional CV writing service division create my resume for me. Within a week and a half I got a call and was hired…simply unbelievable.”
- Prema. R., Bangalore

“What an exceptional talent!!! It completely changed the way I was looked at as a candidate. After this I know I will never get rejected anywhere! "
    -    Clerin Fernandez, Associate Director - Quality, Bangalore

“I used to think that I was the reason no one wanted to hire me. Then I discussed with Mr. Thiyagarajakumar, he creates a resume for me and have had two calls. I’m going to an interview tomorrow and can’t wait! Hope I get the job, thanks so much!”
- Johnson,Pune

“After my husband had great results from your company I wanted to try it out for myself. I am thrilled at the outcome and will definitely refer you to friends.”
- Milana A., Bangalore

 ”Thanks for a professional CV. What you did in hours, I could not do it in years. "
    -    Arun Sreenivasan,VP - Operations, Mumbai

"The standard and quality I have received from KConsultants is outstanding, I have total confidence in using the CV's for any job application. Judging my colleagues CV's with mine it is clear to see the CV's they scribed stand out for all the right reasons."
- R.K. Organizational Psychologist -USA

“I love what you’ve done to my resume. The Fomat and layout look awesome!”
- Gloria L, New York

“My CV package is impressive. I wish I had come to KConsultants sooner…great work!”   -Savithri, Hyderabad

 “I would like to thank Mr.Thiyagarajakumar. They truly made me stand out and brought out my best professional qualities on paper! I never thought I could look so good. When you claim your writers to be experts in the field…you weren’t kidding!”
- Janice P., California

 "I can’t thank Mr.Thiyagarajakumar enough for all of your assistance.  I have sung your praises to everyone I know as your services are first class and second to non.  Your CV highlighted my strengths, your supporting statements and cover letters tailored my skills to each job that I applied for and the interview tips you post on your website helped me close the deal" C.N. Project Manager –  Bangalore

“I initially believed that CV writing was a simple task and I could do it myself easily. I took your service only because I didn't have the time to write my own CV due to extensive travelling. But I was completely surprised when I received my new CV. After comparing it with my old CV I knew how wrong I was and it was a good decision to purchase your services."
-Paramveer Chatham,Sr. Manager - Sales, UAE

“Simply beautiful! Everything from the resume to the thank you letter looks wonderful.”
-Linda, Mumbai

I received more than 6 calls in a week from potential employers after getting my CV redesigned and have secured a job already, Thanks for the excellent CV!!! The Cover Letter was actually superb
    -    Mohan, PM, Calcutta

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made. My CV Edit came out perfect.”
- Charles M., Mangalore

 I had applied for the position of Chief Operating Officer in a BPO however just on the basis of my CV I was asked to come for an interview for the Chief Executive Officer position, and I have got the job. Thank you for the brilliant work"
     -    Kushal Singh,Chief Executive Officer,Pune

“I am so happy with my resume. Mr.Thiyagarajakumar knew the job field perfectly and created it above my expectations. I cannot wait to begin applying for jobs!”
- Harrison,Singapore

“Why didn’t I come to you sooner? I could’ve had a job month ago! I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Thanks again for my resume.”
- Alvin D.,  NY

“Thank you Mr. Thiyagarajakumar. You worked with me every step of the way and answered every question I had. The results were better than I could have imagined and the service I received was outstanding.”
- Roberta J, Bangalore

“I was stuck wondering how to create the perfect cv to advance my career. Your company went above my expectations and really brought out my experience in a way I never thought possible. I will definitely be back again if I ever need professional writing services!”
- Sabrina T., USA

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