Sunday, May 8, 2011

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs- Stage Dreams( No.1 Best Platform to Showcase your Talent ) Show Case Your Talent TO THE WORLD - Become a Star

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
           Stage Dreams
        (  No.1 Best Platform  to Showcase your Talent )
 ShowCASE  Your Talent TO THE WORLD -   Become a Star
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Our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs mission to bridging the gap between talented people and production houses.There are lot of talents who donot try for a stage career due to the difficulty of approaching to the right source.Now you can showcase your talent and become a popular star.Get Public Endoresment directly and get noticed to hunderds of production houses. Stage Dreams is an effort from KalaAnantarupah Media Labs to provide you a career opportunity (part/full time) of your choice. Many of the peoples have talents but they are not able to pursue that career, due to the hardships, lack of funds,lack of contacts and fear of unknown.KalaAnantarupah Media Labs has contact with more production houses and research who are looking for Actors, Actresses, Directors, Choreographers, Singers, Models,Anchors,Script Writers,Cinematographers,Musicians, Dancers, magicians, Stunt Artist,Mimicry artist & Instrumental players.

Talented professionals aged between 18 to 35years. Both male and females having decent looking personalities with fluency in any indian language ( tamil/telugu/kannada/malayalam/hindi/ tulu/ marati/ gujarati/ punjabi) is mandatory.

Experience in acting is desirable  but not essential . Candidates should be willing to travel overseas during production.

Please mail your portfolios/profile and contact details with photos/videos to us.Our team will get in touch with you.

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