Thursday, December 1, 2011

BookMyShow is exclusive ticketing partner for our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Future Films Release / Screening :)

BookMyShow is exclusive ticketing partner for our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Future Films Release / Screening :)

Our Dec 2011 Future Film Release/ Screening :- 

1. Thamizhchelvi Maindhan
Check Trailer :-

2. Chemistry Workout Agala
Check Trailer :-

3. Unnodu Oru Naal
Check Trailer :-

4. Yen Endral Kadhal Enben
Check Trailer :-

Check Trailer :-

6. Vanjam
Check Trailer :-

Lots More MAD Films also....................

Our First Weekend Entertainment Chennai Event on 10th Dec 2011

To know more about our Event Please check:-

1st Time in Indian Film History -Buy Future movie tickets in advance through application.


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