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Inspired by Tagore, International writing competition


Inspired by Tagore, International writing competition

This year sampad is delighted to be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore with Inspired by Tagore an international writing competition. Tagore was a hugely influential South Asian poet and many sampad projects have celebrated his legacy or been sparked by a line of his poetry.

Please complete all sections.  Only typed/word processed submissions are acceptable.  Use continuation sheets if necessary. 

Any writer from the age of 8 onwards, with an interest in South Asian Culture, can enter.

There are 2 categories: one for writers aged between 8 and 15, one for writers aged 16 and over.  Please state your age on your entry form. 

Entries can be poetry, short stories, reportage, and writers can submit up to 6 pieces of work, maximum length 400 words, using Tagore’s poetry and writing as a starting point.   

Each piece must be given a title and must be in English.

Entries must not have been published or broadcast previously, and must be the original work of the author. Please note entries cannot be returned under any circumstances

Best writer in 8 to 15 category will receive £200 and best writer in 16 and over category will receive £300. All winning writers will be published.

The closing date is 31 January 2012.  Send through email also.

or printed off and posted to 
sampad, c/o mac, Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston,  Birmingham B12 9QH, UK

For Further Assistance(Entry Form and procedure) :- 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Who can participate?
    Any writer from the age of 8 onwards from any country with an interest in   
   South Asian Culture.

2. What kind of entry can be sent in?
     Any kind of text like poetry, short stories or reportage. Please do not send in translations of Tagore’s work.

3. Is there any entrance fee for the competition?
      No, there is no entrance fee.

4. How many entries can be submitted?
     Every writer can submit up to 6 entries.

5.What is the maximum length for any entry?
    The maximum length is 400 words per piece of work.

6.What language should be used?
    Please write only in English. If there are any quotes in other languages, 
      please translate them.

7.Can I send published entries?
   It is not allowed to submit texts which have previously been published as a 
   commercial venture. If they have only been published in private blogs or   
   magazines, you can send them in.

8.Can entries contain any images?
   Please do not use any images or drawings as we may not be able to include 
    them in the publication.

9.Is it possible to submit more than one entry on one entry form?
   Yes, you can submit up to 6 entries on one entry form. Please make sure, that they all have different titles.

10.Do the entries have to deal with Tagore or can it be any type of creative writing? 
    All entries have to be inspired by Tagore’s work or by the person Tagore but 
    they do not have to be about him or his work.

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