Thursday, December 8, 2011

Virtual Dance Orchestra


The Virtual Orchestra is a multi-modal system architecture based on complex 3D sound environment processing and acompact user interface. The system architecture supports high performance sound content for VR applications, and the user controls the performance with a magnetically tracked handheld device.

Leadership stage through arts-Dance-music 
Virtual dance-orchester with Marion Dill, Kazue Ikeda, Angelo Della Iacono, Sipho Manesh, Arthur Staedli

One of the most exciting and rich experiences in the real world is music and all that surrounds it. A music performance—be it a classical music concert performed by a symphonic orchestra or a rock concert—always conveys a range of experiences. Music stimulates multiple senses at once. We hear and feel the sound vibrations in our bodies, and watching the performance complements the experience. As a result, we end up jumping, dancing, or discreetly following the rhythm with our arms or feet.

The objective of our work is to give music amateurs the opportunity to conduct a group of musicians and produce a new kind of multimedia experience. To explore this idea, we developed a semi-immersive virtual reality (VR) system, based on a large projection screen,designed to create an entertaining multimedia experience for nonexpert users. We decided to implement a music performance simulator, a VR system where several virtual characters play different musical instruments and adapt their performance according to the user's instructions.

Although we pay special attention to the realism of the scenario's visual representation, animating the musicians, and the music they produce (3D sound rendering), the conducting interface doesn't try to accurately reproduce the complex interaction of conducting an orchestra. This is left as future work. We provide an interface that partially captures the expressivity of users' gestures without forcing them to perform a specific conducting pattern.

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