Thursday, April 5, 2012

KalaAnantarupah’s Leadership Stage For Kids is pleased to announce a brand new multi-talent show, especially created for children between the ages 6 and 15. Please contact us at: +91-98860 65752


KalaAnantarupah’s Leadership Stage For Kids  is pleased to announce a brand new multi-talent show, especially created for children between the ages 6 and 15.

The series will endeavour to showcase a wide range of performing arts talent in a healthy and positive environment. The series will celebrate and award exceptional talent at the national level and on one of the top rated channels, Life OK, of the Star Network.  

We would be glad to invite the exceptional talent from your kids/students to be part of this path breaking show. The children you select will represent your school in this big nationwide competition. The USP of this show is that irrespective of the results of the competition, there will be rewards for all the selected candidates!

The variety of talent that qualifies to participate on the show could encompass the following:

·       Dancing: Indian classical, folk (bhangra, rasiya, bacha nagma, poi kal kudirai, lavni, etc.), pop ‘n’ lock, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, street, krumping, etc.
·       Music:
o  Singing: classical, pop, rock, rap, bhangra, folk, etc.
o  Instrumental Music: Indian classical, Western classical, fusion, rock, percussion, etc.
o  Band (singing +  instruments)
·       Acrobatics and Gymnastics
·       Martial Arts: kalaripayattu, capoeira, karate, taekwondo, etc.
·       Stunt Acts: bicycle riding, skateboarding, roller-skating, etc.
·       Magic: illusion and mentalism
·       Juggling and other Extraordinary feats
·       Puppetry
·       Mimicry/Impressions
·       Stand Up Comedy
·       Sports (mallakhamba, stunts with football, etc.)
·       Jump Ropes
·       Other unique performance acts

The acts can either be presented as solo performances or as group performances, but will require being high on energy and entertainment.

We are currently in the process of scouting from various schools and institutes across the country for this extraordinary talent show. Young talents from any or all of the categories listed above are welcome to participate on the show and be honoured by becoming the National Champions. This is a showcase for the best so only the best qualify for the television rounds. 

If you believe your Kids/ students are exceptionally talented, please send us videos (auditions or clips) of their acts. We will be happy to hear from you and answer any queries or clarifications you require. Kindly ensure that the students shortlisted by you are physically, mentally and emotionally fit to perform the act(s) and to participate in this show. Request you to please obtain written consent from the parents/legal guardian of the students whereby allowing their children to participate in our show, if shortlisted by us.

Please contact us at:

+91-98860 65752

With regards and best wishes,

Yours Sincerely,
Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy
KalaAnantarupah Group

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