Monday, April 2, 2012

Leadership Stage Mime Theatre in Emotionally Expressive Kids and Parenting Workshop by Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Leadership Stage Mime Theatre in Emotionally Expressive Kids and Parenting  Workshop 

This program is an evidence-based, emotionally expression-focused workshop that helps parents support the development of emotional competence in their kid. It brings together parent education techniques,having better relationhip with kids, kids emotional psychology and communicating at all levels with their children, regarldess of the age.Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy one his Ph.d in mime and theatre, Ph.d in Quantiative Research,Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) in Education Policy and Leadership. .He has developed and investigates the Leadership Stage through Arts (Dance-music- mime-theatre-art-craft-visual arts-creative arts) training and management program. 

How kids handle their emotionally expressions plays a central role in how well they are able to navigate the world. The importance of emotionally expressive competence in kids is widely recognised within the education sector, but few programs exist to equip and support parents in fostering their kids emotional expressive functioning. Leadership Stage kids and parenting emotionally expressive  program provides information, strategies and resources for parents of kids to help them promote emotionally expressive intelligence in their kid and improve their kids capacity to understand their own and other’s emotions and expressions. Research evidence on which the program is based, demonstrates that emotionally expressive competent kid are better able to concentrate in school, manage conflict and deal with upsetting events or situations, and they have better health and higher quality relationships throughout their lives.

Within the program ,attention is also paid to what parents can expect of kid at different developmental stages. For example in terms of the way they view the world, their fears or the language they are able to use or understand.Time is allocated to reviewing concepts and skills from the previous hrs and discussion of parents experiences with emotion expressive coaching or other skills in the intervening period. Elements of a session may be arranged, shortened or lengthened in response to the group’s needs and dynamic. 

Our Leadership Stage Emotionally Expressive Kids and Parenting workshops plus:-
How to raise emotionally expressive intelligent children 
Emotion- Expression and its impact on parenting
Developing empathy
Understanding the Kids Emotionally Expressive Experience
Reflecting Feelings
Building Emotionally Expressive coaching skills
Problem solving 
How to work in a team environment
How to think ‘ Out of Box’ 
How to make a decision in Critical Stage
How to be a Leader
Promoting Positive Kid Behaviour Management
Positive Family Relationship Through Firm, Fair and Consistent Approach
Better Communicative Styles with Kid
Sibling Rivary and Sibling Relationship
Team Work Between Mother and Father (Communicating the same talk)
Establishing Boundaries and Routine for kid Within The Home
Kid Language Development, Bilingual Kid
Children Sleep Management (Helping kid sleep)
Gross and Fine Motor Skills ( Helping kid's movement)
Play in Kid (The importance of free play in Kid)
And any other kid development tips.

The program aims to build on parents existing capacity to engage in Emotionally Expressive coaching- the empathy,support and listening often used in thier adult relationships- by guiding them in how to respond to and engage with their kids emotional life so that the kid can learn to understand and regulate their Emotionally Expressions.

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