Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking for Chief Analyst-8+years of exp -Leading Banking client- China, Shanghai

Job Title:- Chief Analyst
Department: Development Research Department
Exp:- 8+years
Position Type:-Permanent
Employment type:-Full time

Excellent opportunity to join, one of the leading banks in China, 
as a leading role.


1. Analyze domestic and foreign economic and financial trend. Provide 
   suggestions for senior management's decision making.

2. To be responsible for important research project.

3. Publish in economic or financial journals. Provide opinions on 
     important media. Establish a professional and authoritative 
    corporate image for the bank.

4. Contact with regulators, institutions of higher education, and 
   foreign financial institutions. Contact with other department of H.O. 
    and provincial-level branch.

5. Assist the Chief Economist in guiding researchers and improving 
     the research team.

Qualifications & Requirements
1. Doctor degree in economy, finance or related majors with senior
   professional titles.

2. Minimum 8 year working experience in academic research; Have 
   a wealth experience in organizing macro-economy analysis as well as 
   over 5 years banking experience in application research.

3. Master command of economic and financial theory, commercial 
    bank management; familiar with national macroeconomic and 
    financial principles, policies and relevant laws.

4. In-depth knowledge of current situation, dynamics and development 
    trends of international finance and world economy; excellent professional 
   research and analytical ability.

5. Good communication and writing skills; good organization capability 
    and leadership.

 Please send your cv to
kalaanantarupahconsultants@gmail.com / kconsultant.global@gmail.com


Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy
KalaAnantarupah Consultants

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