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6 Openings for Commodity Supplier Manager- minimum of 3 years Procurement experience, with typically 6 to 8 years practical experience- Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai

Job Title: Commodity Supplier Manager
Location:- Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai
Exp:- minimum of 3 years Procurement experience, with typically                                         6 to 8 years practical experience
No of Opening:- 6

Primary Function: The Commodity Supplier Manager (CSM) position can 
manage a variety of assignments. This can include any combination of the 
following responsibilities: managing global suppliers for Procurement 
Organizations in accordance with the commodity strategy; acting as a lead 
at a region for a given commodity and managing issues;

Supplier Relationship Management for Top Procurement Suppliers
Position Responsibilities/Duties: The Commodity Supplier Manager can 
be responsible for Supply Base Management activities for their assigned 
suppliers (including cost management, quality and environmental 
management,and supplier performance measurement) and for writing, 
executing and maintaining all contracts with their assigned suppliers. 
They are the main interface between Procurement and the supplier. 
They can also be called upon to assist the Agilent Commodity Manager 
in executing pieces of the commodity strategy, regionally. This could 
include such items as supply base rationalization, contract development, 
negotiation and execution.

•          Supplier Relationship Management for Preferred Suppliers:

-           Maintains a strong understanding of the business needs and 
requirements. Can translate those requirements and identify opportunities 
for how to increase value-add from their suppliers.

-           Identifies opportunities for cultivating the relationship with these 
suppliers to expand the value-add (new products, exclusivity, lower total 
cost, etc.). Develops plans and gains approval from the Commodity Manager 
and management in accordance with the Commodity Strategy.

-           Masters and maintains a vast knowledge of their suppliers’ business, 
capability, short and long-term direction, trends, new products, initiatives, 
processes, etc.

-           Sets-up and coordinates annual meeting with assigned ‘top’ suppliers. 
Ensures the right level of management is in attendance and both companies 
review direction and plans for coming year. Identifies areas of improvement 
for joint value-add.

-           Ensures alignment of plans and direction between the two organizations.

-           Main interface to the supplier from the Commodity Team; is internal 
interface between the supplier and other partners.

-           Communicates with top suppliers frequently. Maintains the appropriate 
level of communication both internally and externally. Provides management, 
suppliers and partners with regular updates.

-           Writes and negotiates contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Work 
with the Agilent Legal team to ensure that Agilent standards are met and 
Agilent’s interests are protected. Evaluates business conditions and is proactive 
in developing contracts that ensure business risk is minimized. and meets /
 exceeds business needs.

-           Executes TQRDCE surveys, analyzes data, and prepare supplier feedback. 
Meets with management to share supplier results, plans and gains their support. 
Meets with top suppliers (key and alliance suppliers at least every 18 – 24 months), 
to review direction, assure alignment, and review performance results. Holds 
suppliers accountable for meeting commitments and performance expectations. 
Work with suppliers to develop performance improvement plans (as needed) 
and monitor progress.

-           Ensure quality management expectations are set. Holds suppliers 
accountable for meeting quality requirements. Ensures Agilent’s SQSR’s are 
met based on CAG/LSG’s guidelines. Monitors environmental requirements 
and ensures compliance.

-           Periodically audits suppliers to gauge their ability to meet Agilent’s 

-           Develop and test business continuity plans for high risk parts and or 
suppliers. Assess contractual obligations on a quarterly basis.

o          Collect and report appropriate BCP information as needed for assigned 
suppliers and risk mitigation plans (if needed)

-           Assess supplier liability obligations on a quarterly basis.
o          Complete appropriate supplier liability reports as needed for assigned 
-           Provide 2nd level escalation point for key and alliance suppliers they 
•          Commodity Management

–          Regional Lead: Acts as extended arm of the Agilent Commodity 
Manager (ACM) and is a lead for their commodity for the sites in their assigned 
region. Collects site/PL information from assigned sites and provides input to the 
ACM for strategy development. Drives strategy implementation in their assigned
region by working together with the procurement teams for their sites/PLs

–          Conduct the appropriate analysis (‘should cost models’ or other forms of 
analyses) to ensure that their suppliers’ prices are analyzed and compared 

Make sure they are in line or below the market. Work with top suppliers to 
reduce total cost.

–          Responsible for cost savings initiatives and reporting for owned suppliers 
for the commodity and a particular site or product line

–          Participate in special projects, e.g. process improvements

–          Participate on cross functional teams to address business issues

–          Review and improve current processes – team processes

–          Monitor and support business fundamentals for the team, report
 information as appropriate

–          Participate in problem solving during escalations


Critical Skills & Behaviors:

•          Possesses very good knowledge of procurement, supply management, 
 and/or supply chain management

•          Possess knowledge of leading edge supply management practices

•          Possesses very good knowledge and skills in commodity management, 
contract negotiation concepts and business law.

•          Ensures supplier issues are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner.
 Informs management appropriately based on the situation.

•          Maintains an understanding of the supply market direction, trends and 

•          Works to achieve mutual agreement on project teams

•          Financial and analytical skills/tools to determine total cost, evaluate 
suppliers and suggest improvements in procurement processes (statistics, 
cost accounting, computer spreadsheets, flow charting, etc.)

•          Proficient with statistics and data driven root cause analysis, Six Sigma, 
Lean, and or process improvement methodologies

•          Communication and actions are consistent and send the right message. Communication is always frequent, clear, concise, and timely. Provides 
appropriate amount of communication to fit the situation

•          Effective use of written, oral and listening skills

•          Consistently demonstrates ability to achieve proactive solutions

•          Very good self starter; needs some coaching

•          Exhibits good planning and thinking skills

•          Possesses good general skills including managing change, time 
management, multi-tasking, flexibility, project management, problem 
solving and prioritization

•          Can establish the appropriate project metrics to achieve the expected 

•          Demonstrates good business acumen in the areas of product lifecycle, 
financial analysis, business models, negotiation, asset management, quality 
programs, globalization, and competitive threats

•          Utilizes knowledge of regional differences of the world (e.g. business, 
economic, cultural, regulatory requirements, geographical infrastructure)

•          Seeks mutual agreement on expectations and deliverables; holds self 
and others accountable

•          Ability to sell ideas. Very good leadership skills.

•          Effectively interacts and collaborates with individuals inside and outside 
of Agilent including remote partners. Has a positive solutions-orientated approach 
and ability to build productive relationships.

•          Demonstrates strong teamwork skills and is able to collaborate and work 
effectively with others. Works across geographies, with remote partners, and 
in a virtual team environment.

•          Embraces effective decision making skills; uses good judgment and can 
seek closure to issues

•          Can follow and exhibit Agilent’s core values

•          Owns personal development; trains and mentors others

•          Continually demonstrates reliability and delivery of results, which are 
executed with a sense of urgency

•          Utilizes appropriate software applications such as Word, Excel, and 
PowerPoint and ERP systems such as SAP


•          Bachelors or Masters Degree or equivalent plus a minimum of 3 years 
Procurement experience, with typically 6 to 8 years practical experience

•          Effective project management experience to lead cross-functional teams

•          Effective communication skills and project management experience to
 lead cross-functional initiatives across various groups, sites, organizations.

•          Experience with employing various financial and analytical tools and 
processes to make appropriate business decisions, such as risk analysis, total 
cost analysis/cost models, Should Cost Models, competitor analysis, 
break-even analysis, Make vs. Buy analysis, and bench marking.

•          Good business acumen with positive solutions-orientated approach 
and ability to build productive relationships

•          Working knowledge of SAP or Similar ERP Systems

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