Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Testimonials / Review About Kalaanantarupah Consultants by Dave Parsons, Manchester


 "I first got in touch with Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy at the start of 2012, I was looking to re-locate to Manchester, with only 6 months experience in recruitment I thought that finding a new role might be difficult. However Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy ran a few opportunities past me and with-in a couple of days had 4 interviews lined up for me!
Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy then provided me with loads of information and help for these meetings that allowed me to secure an offer from the company I was most interested in working for with a package I was very pleased with. 
I really couldn’t have asked for anymore from a recruitment consultant, even to the point of Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy being available to take a call from me at 9pm one evening after a 2nd interview! I was totally satisfied with the service I was lucky enough to be provided with and would highly recommend Kalaanantarupah Consultants  to anyone in the future. With Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy and with his Kalaanantarupah Consultants there was always someone available to talk to with warm, helpful and relevant advice." 
-    Dave Parsons

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