Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Testimonials / Review About Kalaanantarupah Consultants by Ragini Chandan

" As you know I have had a lot of mixed emotions today.  I'm ecstatic because Ive found the perfect role me but sincerely devastated that you're not getting the reward for placing me! For a number of reasons I can honestly say its been an absolute pleasure dealing with you over the past 18 days. I must have dealt with at least 8 separate consultants and you are at least 5, if not 10 miles ahead of any of them. You were fast, consultative, friendly (surprising for a Man U fan...), professional, supportive and sincere in everything you did and the only consolation is that I was placed directly so none of the other consultants will be getting a fee! 
One of the massive factors was how well you understood your clients and therefore provided me with the most essential company/ position knowledge that I simply could not have found out myself. How you managed to do all this in the odd 5 or 10 minute call was unbelievable! I never felt like you were rushing me.  I remember saying to you from the start that it feels like I'm learning the role of a recruiter from all of the conversations I’ve been having with consultants but they could certainly learn a thing or two. Maybe you should consider training or management one day in the not so distant future? I would certainly be sending a few people your way and will continue to if I come across anybody else looking to get into the game or make a move. In fact I have 4 or 5 friends in the job who will be looking to move around as they have been in their roles for 4-5 years so far.  I hate to tell you but I will be plastering your name all over the place so you can blame me if your phone begins to melt in the not so distant future.
On another note, during my interview with ******** he asked, "so what do you know about the role" and "why do you want to work for ******"? After my explanation he gave me a very rigid look in the eye and said, "he's good isn't he?". "Who?" I replied, to which he mentioned your name, so its not only me  who recognises that but an established company director who has learnt the sales trade in one of the toughest environments!

Well all the best Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, yours is one phone number I will be taking with me where ever I go."
-    Ragini Chandan 

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