Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 Openings for Java Developer/Sr.java Developer- 3 to 6 years of exp-Bangalore,Chennai

Job Title:-  Java Developer/Sr.java Developer

No of Opening:- 6

Location:- Bangalore,Chennai

No of Years of exp:- 3 to 6 years

Education:-Bach/Master Degree (Any)

Industry:- MNC  IT   Company

Kalaanantarupah RPO Consultants-Leadership Stage is a successful  Management/IT Consultancy based in Bangalore,India providing advanced IT T and D  solutions and recruitment services to a number of blue chip clients operating in the IT sector and All other Sector (IT/Media/Engineering/Banking/etc). 

We currently have exciting opportunities for Java Developer and Sr.java Developer at our clients facilities here in Bangalore and Chennai

* Develop new Platform services and features. Usually that means Java but you should pick 
   the best tool for the job.

* Expose core features via APIs so third-party developers can extend our platform.

* Develop our core distributed systems; ensure they are robust and scalable.

* Code every day. Architecture is important insofar as it solves a problem at hand and you   
   can solve it and move on to the next thing.

* Dont build something when an open source thing can do the job for us.

* Measure, analyze, and improve our performance. Both he front-end performance (what a 
   user will see) and back-end performance (how long page generation takes, how many 
   resources that consumes) matter.

* Deploy your software to production. Make sure it lands well. If it doesnt, rollback, fix, and 
    try again. 


The specific skills we are looking for can be grouped into the following categories:

* Distributed Systems Development

* Proficient in Internet protocols and technologies such as HTTP, JSON, XML.

* Experience building Internet-scale systems and delivering them into a 24x7, high-
   availability production environment.

* Concerned about performance at multiple layers: what needs to be fast and what can 
    tolerate being slow; how to survive various kinds of failures.

Databases and Algorithms

* Hands-on experience with relational systems required, MySQL in particular a plus

* Experience with various caching and data retrieval systems

* Understanding of scalable data processing, like MapReduce or traditional SQL data mining.

Coding and Software Engineering

* Demonstrated ability to write good code. Pointing us to an open-source project would be an 
   exceptional way to show that. 

* Willing and able to work in an engineering team. That means doing code reviews and 
   listening to what your peers say. 

*  Experience with modern software engineering tools, like git and maven.

* Solid understanding and practical experience in Object Oriented Design & Programming, 

* Design Patterns, Software Development life cycle process and procedures.


Please send us your  Leadership Stage Profile  and complete  resume with
 address,  project samples/details and  contact details to

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D ( Mime-Theatre ) , Ph.d in Quantitative Research,Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) in Education Policy and Leadership
Kalaanantarupah Consultants-Leadership Stage

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