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Chief Executive Officer( 2 Openings) - 15+years of exp-Singapore,Chennai - Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy Leadership Stage QREM 'X' Think Tanks Dream Executive Career Placement and Executive Dream Career Management Firm

Chief Executive  Officer( 2 Openings) - 15+years of exp-Singapore,Chennai - Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage QREM 'X' Think Tanks Dream Executive Career Placement and Executive Career Management Firm

The CEO  is reporting directly to the Executive Committee and with ultimate accountability to Board of Directors, this individual will provide leadership and management of key functions across all regions. This will include work with merchant leadership, corporate partners (sponsors), government entities, public relations, law enforcement and the internal company staff.  Day to day responsibilities include the following:

Business Planning

· Development of an annual strategic plan which effectively outlines the activities, functions and capabilities that support the mission and vision of the organization.  Created with participation by the Executive Committee (subset of the Board of Directors), develop and successfully obtain ratification by the Board of Directors.

· Develop an operating plan (full operating year) and seek ratification by the Board of Directors that sets specific program, financial and other related goals to be achieved by the organization, and approved by the Board

· Set a tactical plan that contains quarterly goals and criteria to measure success, that deliver specific results to achieve the annual operating plan

· Provide bi-monthly updates to the Board of Directors on progress achieved against the tactical and operating plan
· Monthly meetings with the Executive Committee to provide status reports and updates on work streams, and raise strategic issues to be addressed by the board
· Present progress reports on programs, financial and operating plans at board meetings

Staff Management
· Build and direct a highly functioning team to deliver against goals and objectives contained within the operating and tactical plans
· Communicate and hold accountable clear and specific goals and objectives
· Constantly assess the organization’s progress in delivering against a value proposition that provides clear benefit to all constituents
· Foster an environment of excellence and high accountability

Fiscal Responsibilities
· P&L
· Fiscal oversight
·Adherence to generally accepted business practices and standards
·Provide clear historical financial reporting with projections for revenue and expenditures

Meeting Financial Forecasts
· Revenue
·Financial control, monitoring and projections

Member Satisfaction
· Satisfaction metrics for all constituents: board, team, members, sponsors
· Team optimization, capacity management and effectiveness

Programmatic Measures
· Meeting or exceeding plans (tactical and operational)
· Execution against program objectives
· Successful conferences / meetings
· Successful launch and merchandizing of value added content, payments benchmarking, studies, etc
· Successful media outreach and favorable public attention and placement for MRC
· Other Targets to be defined as part of the quarterly tactical goals

- The ideal candidate will have, at minimum fifteen years of related work experience.   
-Non-profit / trade association experience (professional or volunteer roles) desired but not required.  
-S/he will also have a successful track record in relationship development and management and personal or professional experience working with executives at all levels. 

Professional Requirements
·Track record of leadership in driving an organization to meet/exceed objectives
·Direct experience in achieving success in an entrepreneurial, creative environment with limited staff and virtual resources
·Strong communications, interpersonal, analytical, relationship building and organizational skills
·Proven ability to interpret, analyze and present information in a concise and appealing manner and to develop programs that meet organizational goals
·An individual with solid presence and professionalism which commands the respect of superiors, colleagues and subordinates
·A high energy, results-oriented individual who has a strong work ethic, takes initiative and is proactive, decisive, persistent and timely
·A self-starter and team player who can quickly develop rapport and earn the respect of colleagues
·An experienced and highly skilled communicator, who is diplomatic, tactful and can positively influence the thinking of others as well as develop and maintain positive relationships
·An individual possessing the highest levels of professional and personal honesty, integrity and ethics


Since 1998, The Leadership Stage Group has helped professionals achieve their career goals. Our programs are intense, personal and highly effective. We possess an unwavering commitment to providing dream career management and executive coaching services that accomplish the unique goals of the clients we serve.

For those who take the search seriously enough to engage a team of experts, we are a fee-based  Executive Dream Career Placement and Executive Dream Career Management Firm. We are not recruiters. Recruiters do not work for the jobseeker who is seeking a position. Recruiters work for the company filling job orders. They do not analyze the specific needs and goals of the individual or utilize proven multiple methodologies that will help you get a better job faster.

Q. Why should I consider investing in my Leadership Stage Dream Career Planning and Management ?

A (Dr.T) - People seriously invest in their homes, automobiles, education and retirement. However, most take a haphazard approach to dream career planning and management. Your dream career is your most worthwhile investment. The time and money you invest in your dream career now will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime.

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