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About Us - No.1 Global Consultants in Executive Dream Career Change

Founded in 1998 by Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, The Leadership Stage  Group was initially launched to address the dream career development needs of mechanical engineers. Strategically located between Hosur (Tamilnadu,India ) and Bangalore ( Karnataka,India), the firm quickly evolved into a regional dream career management group for professionals within the burgeoning computer software, finance, information technology and biotechnology industries, as well as professionals transitioning from the weakened manufacturing and defense sectors at that time.We possess an unwavering commitment to providing dream career management and executive coaching services that accomplish the unique goals of the clients we serve.

Soon after, the firm – already hailed as a No.1 leader among executive Career search
companies – expanded its Leadership Stage Dream Career management and consulting scope to serve executives and mid-level professionals within the automotive, healthcare, law/legal, real estate, retail/consumer goods and transportation and logistics industries.

By 2006, like many Leadership career management firms, The Leadership Stage Group leveraged the growth and success of the Internet – a tool that enabled the firm to overcome distance so that it could serve executives and professionals both nationally and internationally. We have remained committed to building our core staff at a central location, where we can more easily brainstorm and share information, leads and techniques, while serving a growing clientele across the India., throughout US,Singapore,UAE,Canada and around the globe.

The Leadership Stage Group serves its clients through a core group of highly experienced ,executive career search consultants – each of whom provide a track record of success and high-touch service for clients seeking to land a position, renegotiate their current situation or change careers. Our executive career coaching services and case management techniques help our clients to identify their short and long term goals, define those attributes that give them the competitive edge, find the opportunities that are in keeping with their overall objectives, and achieve success.

The foundation of our business is in offering a solid, expert approach to dream  career management through a personalized, hands-on method. Our team members are experts in hiring processes; with the proficiency to navigate their clients through the often confusing landscape of career potential. They are also dedicated and caring professionals who will go the extra mile for their clients. We offer a professional service but the method by which we do it is very personal.

Our approach to dream career management consulting has earned us a superior reputation in our industry. Clients come to us because they know that they are in good hands; that we will work with them with honesty, integrity, and laser beam focus on helping them achieve their goals.

Today, the firm’s clientele represent a solid cross-section of national and international professionals hailing from as close as Chennai and Bangalore to major cities across the country. We are the leading executive search consultants for Singapore,the United Arab Emirates and have served clients from many countries around the globe, including England, USA, Indonesia, Jordan, Romania, Canada and Vietnam.

For those who take the search seriously enough to engage a team of experts, we are a fee-based Dream Career Management Firm. We are not recruiters. Recruiters do not work for the jobseeker who is seeking a position. Recruiters work for the company filling job orders. They do not analyze the specific needs and goals of the individual or utilize proven multiple methodologies that will help you get a better job faster.

Let The Leadership Stage Group help you identify and reach the goals that will not only help you change your career, but help you to change your life. Contact us today for more information about our services and how our team can help you make a change.

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